Sunday, December 14, 2008

Collective Hauls (Sept - Nov '08) Part 3

Here is my current brush collection (with the exception of my back up brushes, of course, which are essentially just doubles and triples of ones I already have.)

These brushes I got at Big Lots for $5 each. The brushes in the travel kit are okay, not great but they'll get the job done with patience. I do, however, love the packaging, quality, and the size of the mirror. It's great for on-the-go make up work. The kabuki brush is amazing. Very densely packed and soft. It also comes with a matching case as the travel set. It's really good deal for just $5. The kabuki brushes at CVS, I believe are $10 and they're not as soft and quite frankly shed a good deal.

These are CVS essense of beauty brushes and Target brushes. From left to right are my crease bushes, which come in a duo small and big, $5. The second group is actually a travel kit, which comes with a eyeliner brush, smudge brush, concealer brush, powder brush and blush brush, $10. The third set i one of my favorites, it's the smokey-eye wide (or something like that), $6. Great for highlighting. The other end is a crease brush I believe, I don't really use it because it's deformed from the case I store it in. This also comes with a free angled eyeliner brush. The last set consists of my Target buy brushes, which are the ones I use pretty much every day. Packs on lots of color and very soft. They're about $2.50 each at Target.

This is how I store my brushes. I got some ideas off of YouTube for the one on the right. Bought some ribbon and a case then filled it up with clear vase fills (which are not cheap they're like $8 i think. The one of the left is just the case for my Banana Republic 'W' perfume. I like how it looks because of it's curved shape.

And, lastly for tonight

...are my face products (with exception of the HIP shadows). I normally use Covergirl foundation in Soft Honey (555) (which is about $4) which now I see is way too dark for my face. I'm currently trying Revlon's ColorStay products, which I hear such great things about. The staying power is amazing and blends really well on the skin. The liquid foundation I bought is for oily/combination skin in Warm Golden, and the face powder in Light/Medium. I got a great deal at CVS, they had a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOFree) deal, plus $1 off from the Sunday Paper, so for $12 I got both. To the left is my one and only MAC product for now, Blush in PeachyKeen. I don't use it as much just cause I don't wanna waste it, but it's great. Very pigmented and excellent staying power. I got it like $13 or $14 at COSTCO. Then, the other two Maybelline products which I got at Rite Aid for BOGOFree as well, are their mineral products, $10 for both. Love them as well. The blush is in Soft Mauve, it's lighter than my usual blush, but it looks really natural and lasts all day without any face primer or base. The foundation is in light 3. I think it's a little bit too light for my skin, but maybe since it's winter now, I won't be as dark as I've been this summer. Lastly, are my Loreal HIP shadows, once again another deal at Walgreens this time for BOGOFree plus a $1 off coupon which the cashier gave me, in Platinum and Riotous, paid $6 so they came out to be $3 each. What a deal!

So that's it for now. I'll try to get some of my looks that I've done, and the products that I've missed.

Till next time...

Collective Hauls (Sept - Nov '08) Part 2

I went to Downtown LA a couple of months ago in the Fashion District and I stepped into one of the makeup/perfume shops. I absolutely love these NYX shadow singles. It's a shame that they're shaped oddly. You can't really put them into the MAC palette or even the Coastal Scents ones. Also got some loose shadow powders.

Pictured: NYX Ultra Mania Pearls ($1) (I don't know the colors because I've already thrown out the stickers. It's dumb because the name is on the sticker that keeps the jars closed before you buy them.) NYX single shadows from the top, left to right: Silver, Asphalt, Rust, Casablanca, Blonde, Red Bean Pie, Almond and Marrakesh ($3.49 each).

This is actually my most recent haul from E.L.F. I finally got the studio line stuff, and for the most part I LOVE it. I also stocked up on my eyeshadow and blending brushes which I've fallen in love with as well. I order $30 worth of product and got free shipping. Good thing I tried looking for coupons online before ordering because I had in my shopping cart $23 worth of stuff, and would have had to pay $7 for shipping, coming out to be about $30 bucks. Now, I was able to buy $7 more product because of the free shipping coupon. What a deal! I also gotmy free gift again for recommending three friends plus a free gift bag with tissue, which I'm using for a scarf I bought for a friend.

Pictured: Travel Mirror, Total Face Brush, Eye Widener in White, Natural Lash Kit, Nail Polish in Champagne, Mineral Shadows in Earth and Royal ($3 each), Blending Eye Brush, and Eye Shadow Brush. From the Studio Line, Eyebrow kit in dark, Contouring Blush and Bronzing powder (which is a lot like Nars' orgasm), powder brush (which I LOVE! it's a flat top brush, very soft and dense), fan brush and complexion brush (which is much better than the regular total face brush).

More photos of my ELF haul:

Collective Hauls (Sept - Nov '08) Part 1

So late last summer, I recently discovered on YouTube the world of makeup. Wow, I've honestly been such a dunce. No wonder, my makeup wear lasts for like an hour at best. And, so now, I am actually trying to learn how to apply makeup correctly!

Anyway, here's my very first ACTUAL haul from (E.L.F.). A majority of their products are a dollar, and with the exception of the shipping price and service it's not that bad at all. The have mineral product wihch are about $3-5 and a new studio line.

Pictured: Brightening Eye Liner in Black and Ash, Brigntening Eye Color in Butternut, Drama, Silver Lining, and Ivy. Clarifying Pressed Powder in Tone 2. Earth & Water Mascara Duo in Noire, Blending Eye Brush, Defining Eye Brush, Hypershine Gloss in Sugar Plum, New Moisture Care Lip Color in Brownie Points, Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance, and the Eyeshadow Duo in Mocha Swirl. Also got a free gift for recommending 3 friends and got a Candy Shop Liptin in Mocha Maniac

My first haul from Big Lots. What amazing prices they've got over there. You can probably see the prices on the stickers cause I hadn't removed them yet when I took the picture. You can also see a Physician Formula shadow that I grabbed at CVS. They were having a 40% off of all PF cosmetics. So it came out to be $4.79. I love it a lot because you can wear it wet or dry.

Pictured: Loreal's Wear Infinite in Fortune's Pink and Galaxy Grey ($1.80 each), Almay Intense i-color powder shadow in trio for browns 201 ($3), Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Duo Eye Shadow in Taupe Mineral and Berry Minerals (#3 each), E.L.F. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Sun Kissed which comes with a Bronzing Brush ($1.80), E.L.F. Candy Shop Tin 3-pack in Candy Fix, Melon Mayhem and Cherry Bomb ($2.00), and Essential Tool Contour Brush ($1). Also, Physician's Formula Baked Collection in Baked Sands ($4.89, sale).

Drugstore Hauls from Target. I absolutely love the Rimmel London quads. They have to be my favorite right now for everyday natural wear. I got them in all colors the Smokey Brun is not pictured because I bought it the next day. I bought the Maybelline quad cause I thought the colors were great, but they really aren't Doesn't really pack on that well or blend for that matter. Maybe if I use a better primer. Then, of course my Loreal HIP shadows. Love those for nighttime use or even for the day when you want more dramatic eyes. I actually have two more now than in this picture.

Pictured: Maybelline in Seashore Frosts ($4.99), Rimmel London Color Rush Quads in Smokey Noir, Smokey Purple, Smokey Blue ($3.99 each), and Loreal HIP in Sculpted, Sassy, Glided, Gunmetal and Flamboyant ($5.99 each).

Another day, I was shopping with my mom at the local Ross store and I was in the bag/accessories area, and they had some E.L.F. sets. This one comes with three shadows, false lashes (dramatic), an eyeliner brush and duo mascara. It's to create a dramatic smokey eyes look. They're extremely pigmented which I love. The only thing I didn't understand was the eyeliner brush, I think they made a mistake, and it was supposed to be the eyeshadow brush. Hmm.

Pictured: Same Loreal HIP, Rimmel, and Maybelline shadows. E.L.F. smokey eye set ($5.99)